Microcredit Offers

Our microcredit marketplace helps users build their credit-history,
Empowering the unbanked / under-banked community.

Uulala’s mission is to offer inexpensive financial services to this demographic, help establish a credit score which will enable them to participate in formal financial economy.

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Business associates empowering others by offering microcredit offers and building credit history
2 cell phones displaying micro credit offers and payment services by Uulala

1. Microcredit Offers

We feature your offers in our microcredit marketplace. The user accesses credit for your products or services either at your premises or digitally.

A smart contract is created on the blockchain outlining the terms of the offer which your firm sets.

Uulala auto collects payments when our user uploads cash into the Uulala platform.

2. Credit Building

Once the user pays back the offers, their credit-worthy activity is recorded on the blockchain.

Users earns point for their credit-worthy activity that contributes to their Uulala credit score.

transaction recorded on the blockchain
Cell phone with credit offier and Uulala tokens stacked

3. Credit Offers

Value of microcredit offers:

$5.00 - $100.00

Sponsor determines pay back terms

4. Sponsor Benefits

New customers.

Low cost per acquisition.

User analytics.

happy Uulala sponsors with benefits and analysis data on clip board

Some of Our Current Partners