Your personal information and data of your movements in the account are safe at all times.

Our servers, network, website and app are protected against attacks of fraud and identity theft. In addition, we use Amazon Web Services the cloud service with the highest level of computer security worldwide. Your personal and bank information is safe at all times.

The reason for requesting the INE credential (IFE) or valid passport is to be able to make sure that no one other than you will open the uulala account in your name, so we avoid fraud and identity theft. In addition to that with this your uulala card meets the requirements of current law.

What if my phone is stolen?

Only you have access to your uulala account, since you need Security Touch ID / password to open the app. You can always contact us by mail, direct message on social networks or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if my card is stolen or lost?

You can lock and unlock the card from your phone in the application at any time. Just go to the "cards" section where you will find this option that allows you to take care of your money.

Our International Visa cards are issued by Swift Digital Solutions. Uulala is a digital services platform and smartphone application to manage your digital account and card.



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